How to Date Successfully

Z[{R1N8U5FKG[(B{V99@X{THow to date? Everyone needs a little dating advice now and then. It can be especially helpful when you need some advice on how to date. Dating can be a scary thing and when you don’t think you know how to date it can be extremely scary. Maybe you haven’t dated in a long time and you are trying to get back in the game or perhaps you are just starting to get into the dating scene. Either way a little dating advice can be helpful. Below you will find some helpful dating advice on how to date successfully.

Dating Advice: How to Date tip #1, Always Define Your Expectations. What exactly are you looking for? A serious relationship, someone to hang out with? If there is any one piece of dating advice that is more important than another it would be this. Always let someone know where you are coming from and what it is you want from them. That way there is no confusion or upset later on.

Dating Advice: How to Date tip #2, Put Yourself Out There. Get out there and pursue interests and activities that you like. Putting yourself in situations you are comfortable bring yourself in will allow you be more inviting and open to meeting someone new. Another piece of dating advice, if you are not comfortable approaching someone make yourself approachable. Have an inviting smile and good eye contact with people and they will come over to you.

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Dating Advice: How to Date tip #3, Be Selective. Don’t just grab the first person that pays attention to you. You should know what you want in a partner and look for those qualities in the people you meet. On the same note don’t be too selective. If you look for perfection you are guaranteed to miss opportunities. Nobody is perfect, so know what you want but make sure you leave room for differences. If someone asks you for a date and you are not interested politely tell them no thank you.

Dating Advice: How to Date tip #4, Make a Good First Impression. You want this person to enjoy the date, but you also want them to enjoy you as an individual, so be considerate and charming without looking or acting like someone you’re definitely not. People who do a very good job molding their behavior to other people’s expectations actually tend to have less satisfying relationships, because they are not being themselves and that get tiring after awhile.

Dating Advice: How to Date tip # 5, Be Honest. If you are not ready to be in a committed relationship, let them know straight away so that you do not give them false hope. If you’re just not interested in a relationship with them anymore, tell them so. Don’t lead them on. Explain that you just don’t see it going anywhere. Don’t say that you want to be friends unless you actually want to be friends and spend time with this person on a regular basis. If you are interested in seeing this person more often, honesty is still crucial to a healthy relationship.


Talk to the Paw: 8 Cats Who Could Use a Cat-titude Adjustment

Today I woke to my cat peeing all over me and my blanket. So, yeah I am a bit of a grump this morning. Even though I am in a terrible mood, I don’t think I could ever match the attitude that comes out of cats daily. I mean, my cat peed on me today and he didn’t think he did anything wrong… I bet he was laughing in his own way. Cats and attitudes go hand-in-hand. Whether they think they’re the best thing in the world, are angry at everything, or just want to let you know how they really feel about you, they’re never really shy about it. Don’t believe me? Here are 10 cats who could use a serious attitude adjustment.

2566757Stop Right Now

This cat likes his space and only wants to be approached when he says it’s okay… which from the looks of it isn’t going to be anytime soon! Chill out!




Isn’t There Anyone Competent Here?

Depressed and frustrated cat bangs his head on the wall because he can’t stand to be around people.




Oh, Yeah Right

Is it just me, or is this cat raising one eyebrow? It’s like she’s saying nothing people have to say could ever be worth her time.




Get Out of My Way

Walking around with the idea

that he’s the most beautiful thing on the planet. Must be nice.





Do NOT Mess With Me

I would not want to randomly come across this guy. Someone seems upset for the sake of it.



Watch Out
This cat obviously has something up his sleeve. It’s typical cat behavior. His poor owner has no idea!





I’m So Disappointed

Wow. I can’t even begin to guess what was done to make this guy so disappointed, but he makes me feel so ashamed!




You Take That Back
This guy is clearly horrified by something you’ve said or done and he’s totally judging. If only we could figure out what it was