agemeet-Tips to Deal with a Big Age Gap in a Relationship

Love is ageless and pure. Hence, having a big age gap in a relationship should never pose a problem. But, there are many couples who do face problems in their relationship because of a big age gap. It has got everything to do with the compatibility and maturity of two peopleListed below are some tips to handle a big age gap in a relationship.
1. Manage interests
Having a big age gap means interests and likes would be different. This causes conflict in a relationship. It is important to manage the interests at different levels. So, keep alternate days for each other. If the younger partner wants to do something, do it. Keep the other day the for older partner. This way the interest is divided and managed.
2. Reassure each other                                                                                                       The older partner in the relationship always suffers from a low self-esteem. The older partner feels that the younger partner would end the relationship or fall out of love. This affects the self-esteem, which causes the problem in a relationship. Reassurance can help to maintain the relationship. Reassure each other that nothing can come between you and your partner. 

Older men dating younger  women                                                                                                             
3. Maintain equality
There can be a conflict in the relationship because of the age issue. The older partner starts behaving like a parent at times. He/she can even behave in a mature manner. This irritates the younger partner. Maintaining equality would help to curb the differences. Look at each other in a similar manner. If both the partners are equal, there will not be any issue related to age gap.
4. Do not get defensive
The most common issue you would face is, handling criticism from family and friends. This might affect the personal equation with your partner. What will you do then? Simple, just ignore the people who criticize and talk about the relationship. Do not argue and get defensive as this creates conflict in the relationsh78ujip. It is important to maintain a calm attitude towards people.
5. Stay committed and compromise
Be mentally prepared to compromise in the relationship that has a big age gap. Stay committed to your partner and do not pay attention to people and their words.
6. Think beyond physical attraction
The age gap is big, so naturally the older partner would age soon. There will not be any physical attraction after a certain point. You need to understand this and think beyond physical attraction. This strengthens your relationship with time.
A big age gap in a relationship cannot cause barrier in love.

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